Solo Painting Exhibition ‘The Flow of Existence’ S.A.Shariatpanahi

Semnan, known as Koomesh in ancient times, with an ancient history of two thousand years, was hosting an important art event on Thursday October 26th 2017. The opening ceremony of d’Angers café-Gallery was with the exhibition of Seyyed Asadollah Shariatpanahi, one of the well-known artists of Semnan and Iran, in presence of known faces of art and culture. Semnan with twenty centuries of civilization, has been one of the places with a lot of artistic and cultural heritages and initiation of d’Angers gallery is an important event for the artists of this province.

The ceremony started with speech of Mr. Javaherian, one of the known artists in the area of literature in Semnan. He reminisced well-known artists of Semnan, and pointed to the importance of preserving the artworks and cultural products as national heritage and that galleries are means of society to get familiar with the artists’ products and for promotion of local culture in the society. He believed that non-governmental efforts are more effective than governmental supports.

In the final speech, Dr. Shariatpanahi, the owner of d’Angers Café gallery, thanked the audience including known artists and cultural members of Semnan, and explained the objective of the d’Angers gallery in creation of the opportunity for global introduction of talented emerging artists. He briefly pointed generally to headlines of the plans in the gallery which he hoped would lead into presence of international artists in Iran and also presence of Iranian artists in the global arena.

The name of d’Angers Gallery is chosen in memory and inspiration of Pierre-Jean David, the French sculptor in the 19th century who changed his name into David d’Angers. His fame in devotion of his art for human grandeur and his restless effort in making monuments of many of his contemporaneous known characters, shares a lot in vision and mission with d’Angers Gallery. The mission of d’Angers Gallery is to find emerging talents and introduce them to global medium. From local view, the objective of d’Angers Gallery is cultural and social development of local society and introduction of local artists to a vaster domain of audiences in the international level and from global view, its objective is cultural exchange and introduction of international artists to local Iranian audience.

The d’Angers Café Gallery in garden house with 400 m2 area with 180 m2 building with a professional design, is an ideal place for exhibition of visual artworks. d’Angers with incorporation of Café medium into a gallery space provides the chance of accompany of audience and artwork for a longer period. It sits the audience besides the artworks and invites him/her to think and discuss the concepts while drinking a coffee or a herbal. The audience has the opportunity of contemplation about the concepts and think deeply into the artworks to have a better understanding of the conceptions and hidden aspects of the work. d’Angers Café Gallery is where art and everyday life are tied together and the artists will have the chance to accompany his/her audience in the pleasant time of drinking a hot cup of tea.